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RAF Trust Management - not falling into the Money Plant trap

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Investing wisely following a Road Accident Fund payout

To many, growing a Money Plant doesn’t seem like much of an investment, but is there something to be said for getting on luck’s good side where money is concerned? So named because of their round, flat, coin-like leaves, Money Plants are believed to bring good financial fortune to their owners.

But, how willing would you be to leave your financial fortunes in the hands of a pot plant? In a world where there's a real solution to every quandary, would you not rather call upon the expertise of someone who could provide you with the best investment advise for your money? Advise that could see your investment thrive, without the need for luck.

At DK Wealth Management we believe in paying attention to the unique needs of our clients, providing financial advise that will deliver the best possible outcomes from their investments.

Careful cultivation

Maintaining a Money Plant can involve regimented watering and feeding schedules, strategic placement for the ultimate Feng Shui impact and the regular plucking of unlucky leaves to keep it looking its best – a fair amount of work for something that’s not guaranteed to be adding value to your fortunes. In contrast, you can rely on DK Wealth Management to provide you with expert advise on all aspects of RAF Trust set up, from registration and consultation to investment and accounting.

And while the Money Plant’s leaves will grow towards the brightest light, the brightest light may not always be the longest to shine. A reliable wealth management company will provide a considered approach involving the most reputable brokers to get the best long-term, sustainable option for you.

Expecting change and affecting change

When planting a Money Plant you can make sure that you have perfectly tilled soil, with exactly the right nutrients, and the optimum location, but then what? That’s an investment with potential that once in the soil can only be maintained, rather than optimised. A well invested fund should expect to pay dividends over the course of its lifetime, but what if things change and the landscape isn’t quite as it was before? Bad news for the Money Plant owner, but an opportunity for the investor.

At DK Wealth Management, we can provide you with reliable advise to ensure that your money is well looked after with integrity and honesty.

Beware downward growing branches

No matter how well you look after your Money Plant, a downward growing branch spells disaster and there’s nothing you can do about it. With a trusted wealth management advisor on board, you can be sure that only investments that offer the best possible outcome for you will be made.

We’re confident that our advise on investing options will ensure a healthy return, with no luck needed. By all means, get yourself a Money Plant or two to keep Lady Luck onside, but for an honest direction on fully managed Road Accident Fund Trusts and sustainable wealth management options, contact DK Wealth Management.

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